Architectural Eyes Are Behind The Jali Designs For Interior And Exterior Beauty Of The Structure

Jali Tile

Jali tactically separates spaces

A jali partition that separates the living and dining

This beautiful partition in the living lets in light and air, it tactically separates the living from the dining sans covering it up. You can feel the privacy you demand at your dining but not isolated from the rest of the space. The space itself breathes and breathes life into your homes too.

That explains just one of its applications in the field of contemporary Interior Design.   

The ample sunlight let into the space becomes the most sought-after reason to hang on to this designing-cliché. Jali gets commended by the professional designers and becomes a space-dwellers choice for its oxymoron like character- historical grandeur and urbanity in unison.

Materials like MDF, HDF, PVC, WPC, ACP, HPL SS, MS, Fiber Cement, etc are carefully incised to coddle interiors and exteriors of structures.

Historical Presence

The name Jali or Jaali means ‘net’ in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, explains its Indian Origin. Though known as an Indo-Islamic architecture in the past, it has now spread across the length and breadth of the planet.

Jali work on marble at Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is still one of the seven wonders luring our wonderment, credits goes for the handiwork. If Google reviews existed back then, the remarkable symmetric structure would have garnered 5 stars along with a statement that explains the beauty of the jali (not that there are no reviews now). We now have computer controlled laser cutters, imagine setting the intricate design patterns exactly 388 years back. Obviously, that is an A-list jali, because history has witnessed the simple, unpolished money-saving ones too.

Jali Is Secular- A Significant Part Of All Sacred Structures

We have noted Temples following Shilpa Shastras (an ancient umbrella term for arts, crafts, design rules, principals and standards described by Hindu texts), Mosques bringing arabesque designs into play and most of the Churches adhering to the Roman Architecture since the existence of these places for worship. No matter which God is worshiped, jali exists at most of the spiritual places, despite the fact formerly stated.

Jali work on Lodurva Jain Temple, Rajastan
Jali work on Lodurva Jain Temple, Rajastan
Jali work at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Varanasi
Masjid Nad Al Sheba, Dubai

Equally important, Jali has become ineludible when it comes to setting prayer rooms nowadays. Particularly, it contributes a divine pleasure to the space which is worth all the effort and money.

Science Behind The Jali

Once upon a time jali helped effectively manage temperature as the small perforations in a wall had a huge science behind. These days, people prefer this art piece for its practicality and grandeur rather than its cooling theory. Unlike, in the olden days, where structures in the hot dry as well as hot humid climate zones mostly used.

Jali wonderfully cuts down the heat of direct sun. It allows cross breeze movement and ventilation. Along with that it breaks down the total square metre of consolidated area of a typical window/wall/partition into number of small holes. The holes are either the same size or often smaller than the thickness of the material it is built with. Which means each void is a cubical proportion of height equal to depth, protecting the entry of direct sun rays and haze as well as glare associated with it, for almost all of the sun’s angles through the day and across seasons.

Although jali cuts the glare it lets illumination through, not affecting the intensity of light. Moreover, the aperture renders an unaltered view across the jali. In fact, jali is ideal for the Indian notions of privacy. From within, everything outside is clearly visible through jali holes but it controls the visibility from outside mainly due to the light difference.

Jali Is Alluring The Social Media

Interior Design isn’t far behind, though food and fashion steals the show. It has been the trend of trends for the past three to four years. Even celebrities have started their entrepreneurial ventures, this business clicks, not simply.

Interior designing is the quest for the most appropriate fixture for each spot.

SRA Interiors

Truth is portrayed to be bitter as it should be. Interiors of the spaces these are sold, becomes more important, as food and fashion doesn’t work alone all the time (writer winks; trying to lighten the bitter atmosphere). Latterly, selfies that show off the interior scenes of the noshery doesn’t just gather likes and comments but organic customers too for their eateries.

Designing is a need, four walls can create space, but giving life to it is a task.

SRA Interiors

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If you have any plans of building your sweet home this 2020, while creating the right mood and ambience, don’t miss to fit in jali because it only adds color to it. A perfect minimalistic piece of art! Is there a reason to not choose one?

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